Epicurean Geek, Crushed Grapes Fiend, Student of my Layered Passion, Pasta Fiend

Greeting y’all, I’m Santresa, but you can call me San or Dr. G. and I want to welcome to Cutting Board Stories!  This has been a 7 year journey (I’ve technically been blogging since 2010) of food blogging, growing into food styling and photography, loosing blog data, starting over twice more and the now the infamous “third times a charm” with

One of my favorite categories gifted to me for my birthday from, Mon.

. . . Cutting Board Stories: Tales from my kitchen OR  . . . Cutting Board Stories: The Kitchen Is My Haven OR . . . Cutting Board Stories: Coming to a palate near you. I will figure it out or perhaps y’all could help me with this.

My life has been the equivalent of testing one crazy recipe flavor profile after another.  Some come out great and others not so much.  I hope that the tales from my kitchen to your (the readers) hearts as well as the recipes from my cutting board to your stomachs create edible memories over fellowship with family and friends.

This blog is my journey in becoming the best food stylist and photographer, recipe developer, blogger, and writer (story-teller) that I WILL be.

The kitchen is my haven,

– San