Hey y’all, I’m Santresa, but you can call me San or Dr. G. and I want to welcome you to Cutting Board Stories! This has been an 8 year journey (I’ve technically been blogging since 2010) of food blogging, growing into food styling and photography, loosing blog data, starting over once more and the now the infamous “third times a charm” with

. . . Cutting Board Stories: Tales From my Kitchen & Stories Through my Lens.

I’m a self-taught turned professional cook, baker and food photographer. I’m a content creator and recipe developer.

The idea for this blog came to fruition

because I talk a lot and I’m an extrovert

because I love styling and photographing what I cook and bake on cutting boards

because I’m mentally discombobulated and sometimes cook in the middle of the night

because I have a shit ton of degrees (seriously y’all no more “formal” schooling as I do have a doctorate in Organizational Leadership) and this is how I’ve chosen to use it. And THIS use is frucking fine

because I’m funny as hell and my sense of humor, filled with bouts of anxiety, whipped with sarcasm, sprinkled with random use of a sailors mouth, and drizzled with my Southern charm has the makings of a sweet written treat

because I want a platform to chronicle self-publishing TWO cookbooks (Cutting Board Stories: Tales from Kitchen & Stories Through my Lens AND Emotional Confections: Butter, Sweets and Tears)

because the former English major in me just tried to spell chronicle, c-r-o-n-i-c-a-l and I’m not ashamed that each time the red line appeared up under c-r-o-n-i-c-a-l that I tried twice more to type and spell it incorrectly before Googling it and spelling it c-h-r-o-n-i-c-l-e.  I’m also the same former English major whose eye twitches when people incorrectly use their, there, and they’re (shrugs),

because I’m a geek who loves to cook, bake, and eat good ass food,

because I’m an avid reader and a great writer,

because just recently I decided to expose my ugly truths about clinical depression and anxiety in this post.

My life has been the equivalent of testing one crazy recipe flavor profile after another.  Most turn out great and other recipes not so much. This blog is my unorthodox, anxiety stricken, and sometimes inebriated perspective spilling into photography, recipe development and sometimes long-winded intimate musings.


The long-winded extrovert,

– Dr. G

p.s. Thank you for visiting!

p.p.s. All content and photographs are the property of ©Cutting Board Stories unless otherwise stated.